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Temporary Stay Assisted Living Facilities


Moving into an assisted living facility for senior citizen services can be a daunting experience for any senior. Any number of uncertainties may confuse and complicate such decision of choosing from the many affordable retirement communities out there. Worst of all, what happens if a new resident does not like a new facility after he or she moves in? Or, what if a person only needs a short-term stay while recuperating after an illness, a hospital stay, or while the rest of the family is away on vacation?

Unlike most assisted living facilities, Golden Age does not require a long term contract or lease. A simple entrance agreement is all that is required. As such, our residents may stay a week, a month, a year...or longer. Instead of making any kind of lengthy commitment, we allow each resident to try out our home and make certain that we are all what we profess to be. 

At Golden Age, we take the guesswork out of the equation.